Condoms provided for the players to fight against ZIKA Virus!

Some players have already announced not to participate in the upcoming Rio Olympic Games due to the fear of ZIKA virus infection. They are worried about the risk to their lives from their journey to Brazil. One Australian Golf Player has also already announced not to participate in the Rio Olympic Games. Thus the manufacturers of Condoms have announced to distribute condoms to the players.  The manufacturers of condoms claim that the use of condom will help them to fight against ZIKA virus. 
Australian Olympic Committee has its own coordination. Kitty Chiller from Australian team expressed her belief that use of condom will reduce the chance of infection. 

Mosquito borne ZIKA virus has grown as an epidemic in Latin America. World Health Organization has declared the Health Emergency due to the rapidly growing ZIKA virus infection.

It is described that the baby born infected, use to have their head abnormally small. 


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