Everybody knows that fame and fortune can be fleeting—you still have to make intelligent financial choices. You’d think celebrities would be able to manage their money, but sometimes, stars remind us that they’re only human and they make mistakes too. Here are a few celebrities who’ve hit rock bottom.


The National Treasure actor squandered more than $150 million in extravagant purchases. There was a time when he owned about a dozen properties, including two castles that he never spent a single night in and a private island in the Bahamas. After declaring bankruptcy in 2009, Cage has been trying to replenish his bank account by making as many movies as possible. He’s in at least five small-budget films this year.


He was the youngest heavyweight boxing champion in history and was worth over $300 million at his peak. A divorce, a rape accusation, and three years in prison later, Tyson returned to the ring as a damaged boxer and tore off part of Evander Holyfield’s ear with his teeth. Tyson had to pay Holyfield $3 million in compensation and declared bankruptcy in 2003, with over $18 million in debt. The fallen champion now plays the voice of his own character in the animated show Mike Tyson Mysteries.


The young actress, who was once the apple of the public’s eye, has since become a lesson on what not to do. Alcohol, drugs, arrests—the star’s decline was on full display for the public’s viewing pleasure. Begging on social media in order to survive, she attracted the sympathy of actor Charlie Sheen, who gave her $100,000 in 2012 to settle some debts. She still owes a total of $500,000 today and is unable to find work on the big screen.


Despite being one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood, bad career choices and a frightening lifestyle are on their way to bringing the Jack Sparrow actor to ruin. Depp’s agents say he’s earned more than $650 million over the course of his career, but is now struggling to pay the bills for his wild spending, including $30,000 on wine per month, a $10 million yacht, and roughly 40 full-time employees costing him $3.6 million per year. The 54-year-old is suing his agents for mismanagement of his finances. It’s clear Depp is counting on his earnings from the latest Pirates of the Caribbean film to replenish his bank account.


Lil’ Kim, often called the Queen of Rap, obviously spends more money on changing her appearance than paying her debts. Along with being sued by her former legal team for non-payment for services, she owes the government a tidy sum approaching $1 million, as she hasn’t paid her taxes in almost seven years. It seems she can’t count on a hit to earn any money, as she hasn’t been on the charts for quite some time.


After neglecting to pay over $17 million in back taxes from the early 2000s, the star of the series Blade went to jail for three years. Since then, he has been working on several small movie projects and is still appealing his case, claiming he was the victim of a conspiracy.


Sometimes it takes several tries to learn a lesson. The R&B singer, famous for the hit “Un-Break My Heart,” declared bankruptcy, not once, but twice, in 1996 and 2010. Thanks to her second financial ruin, Braxton was able to avoid over $13 million in debt to Sony Music. Along with battling lupus, Braxton hasn’t been able to rekindle the success she had in the ’90s, but you can catch her on her reality show Braxton Family Values.


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