A new born baby makes a new record in his weight, Can you imagine how big was he?

Normally, What is the weight of New Born Baby? 
Mostly 2.5-3.5 kgs right?

But here is a new record regarding the weight of a newborn baby born in Lexington, South Carolina. Cindy Richmond gave birth to her son who was 14 pounds i.e. 6.35 kg which makes a new record in the history.

The delivery room completely changed when the baby came out. The doctor said-“Whoa, this is a big baby!” The nurses started to guess his weight.  When they weighted him in the weight machine, said-” Oh may God! this is the craziest thing ever.”

The mother has two other babies who were of average weight when they were born. She said she was amused by everyone’s reactions to the overwhelming size of her newborn.

The baby’s grandparents had to bring a new set of larger clothes for Colin(new born baby) to wear since they were prepared with the normal clothes.

Normally, a baby becomes around 6 kg at the age of 4 or 5 month. The excited dad is already planning Colin’s future as an all-star athlete.


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