How to reset blogger Template to the default?

How to Reset Blog Template to its Default Template…

So you finally did it! You’ve managed to tweak your Blog post gadget template to the point where it is starting to behave or function strangely. Now the most important and complex part of your blog is all messed up -the date stamp is missing, the post footer disappeared, the comments section looks weird, the comment link  is nowhere to be found etc. You’ve tried adjusting the settings in Blog Posts gadget configuration page, but nothing worked. It seems your blog is corrupted beyond repair. You wish you could just reset the template and start over.

Well, you can. You can easily restore the corrupted Blog post template to its original condition in just a few steps. However, bear in mind that resetting the template will also remove other changes you’ve made to the template such as auto read more, Facebook Like button, Twitter Tweet button etc. But hey, if could add them once you could probably add them again.

Just follow these steps: 
1)   Sign in to your Blogger Account and got to your dashboard.

[next] 2)    Click on Templates located on your left side bar

[next] 3)     Now, Scroll down all way to the bottom of the page and click on “Revert to classic templates” drop down arrow and again in “Revert to classic templates

[next] 4)   Select the color from drop down menu and click  “Save Template”.

You are done……. Congratulations !!

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