Two Brothers: One Wife!!

         You must stay alive, you can listen and see lots of amazing things around the world even in this 21st Century. 
There are two brothers sharing a single wife in Bihi, Gorkha, Nepal. Older brother use to be in home while elder in farm house and vice versa. 
Years ago in northern remote area of Gorkha District, there use to be lots of such families in which brothers use to share a single wife. Nowadays this number is decreasing but the system still exist. Even now, we can find some brothers sharing a wife in Bihi, Chekampar and Samagau V.D.C. 
Luna Gurung, local teacher from Bihi said-“Years before, there use to be lots of such brothers in every Villages but nowadays this number is decreasing but the culture still exist in decreasing rate.” 
Two brothers of Kro, Bihi-1,   married a woman from Bihi-9. Furbu Tenjing and Chewang are the brothers and Pema Lama is their wife. 
The marriage tradition in this village is different than other villages. If someone like a girl, they use to drag the lady even if she is sleeping in her bed or from any place where she use to be. Pema Lama was also dragged by the two brothers while she was sleeping. 
If they are able to make the parents (of lady) happy, doesn’t matter what the lady thinks about her marriage. They use to drag her even by force. This culture still exists in Bihi V.D.C. 

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