Can you imagine $14 Millions in a Few hours?

How much is your Yearly Earnings ? OK…..Leave it…..How much is your Monthly Income? How much it will be if you calculate it Hourly? You know! If you were Kim, that figure will be Staggering.

Kim Kardashian is a businesswoman, socialite, and television personality known for her appearances on reality TV, her various business ventures, and her influence in the fashion and beauty industries.

Her income comes from a variety of sources, including her involvement in the reality show “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” various endorsement deals, her own makeup line called KKW Beauty, and other business ventures. Additionally, she has been involved in fashion collaborations, modeling, and has made investments in different industries.

The star launched her own beauty line featuring a cream contouring and highlighting kit on 2017. If earnings are calculated on the basis of  few hours sale, her estimated hourly earning will be $14.4 Million.

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